DIY Quilted Sleep Sack

Looking for a fun scrap-busting project? This quilted sleep sack pattern is a great way to use fabric scraps, leftover batting, and/or quilt coat scraps in an easy DIY project. This post provides instructions and a free template printable to easily assemble your own version of a quilted sleep sack!
DIY Quilted Sleep Sack

The sleep sack can be constructed using pre-quilted fabric (ie. quilt coat scraps) or from scratch. This pattern offers a meaningful way to repurpose scraps or utilize sections of a worn but loved heirloom quilt. If beginning from scratch, this project is also a great opportunity to improv piece scraps (as shown in the sample sleep sack) to assemble the outer fabric.

For the sample version, I improv pieced scraps from the Miss Direction quilt, Let’s Grow quilt, and free Static quilt to create the front panel, some leftover Essex linen for the back panel and inner layers, and wool batting scraps.

Fabric Requirements:

  • 1 yard of Fabric A (outer fabric)
  • 1 yard of Fabric B (lining fabric)
  • 2 yards of batting (this wool batting is a great option if not using scraps)
  • 1/8th yard of Binding
  • Note: use of directional prints may increase fabric requirements

What you need:

Cutting Instructions:

Once Front & Back panels are quilted and template is assembled (as shown in printable), fold quilted fabric in half with Fabric A facing out. Align template with folded edge of quilted fabric. The front and back of the sleep sack are identical so the template is used for both. If desired, print a second copy of the template to arrange both the front and back sections on fabric at the same time. Use pins or temporary adhesive to secure template, and carefully trim around outer edge of template.

Assembly Instructions:

Step 1. Align the Front and Back panels right sides together, and pin the shoulders. Sew only the shoulders together. Optional: Once shoulder seams are sewn, finger press seams open. Stitch each down to create a lower profile seam and make it easier to attach binding.

Step 2. Bind prior to zipper attachment.

  • Locate the vertical midline of the FRONT quilted panel.
  • Mark midline from neckline to bottom of the FRONT panel with fabric pencil or hera marker.
  • Cut the FRONT panel in half along the marked line.
  • Bind raw edges of the sectioned Front panel, neckline, and arm holes. Begin at a lower corner of the sectioned Front panel. Stitch binding along the raw edges of right side of the Front panel. Turn the corner to the neckline as if binding a traditional quilt. Continue until the section is completed and trim binding to flush with the lower edges of the Front panel. Repeat to attach binding along both armholes.

Step 3. Insert zipper along bound edges of Front panel.

Step 4. Align Front and Back panels right sides together. Starting at one armhole, stitch around the unbound edges of sleep sack to complete the piece.

Let’s get started!

If using pre-quilted fabric, skip this paragraph. Otherwise, take Fabric A, Batting, and Fabric B and prepare for basting by assembling a quilt sandwich. Place Backing “wrong-side up” on a firm surface, layer batting next, then layer Fabric A “right-side up” on top of batting. Pin or spray baste to secure the 3 layers together. Quilt as desired, I recommend the quilting lines be no more than 2” apart.

NOTE: this pattern recommends quilting fabric prior to trimming around template pieces to increases precision when cutting. If you prefer to cut sleep-sack pieces before quilting, that’s also fine! However, to guarantee precision. I recommend creating the quilt sandwich and basting before using the template to trim your sections.

Your Quilted Sleep Sack is finished and ready to provide handmade comfort and warmth to a little sleeper. If you are looking for a complimentary project, the Quilted Circular Playmat is a sweet addition to any tummy time session. Also, the Miss Direction Quilt (3-in-1) pattern and Flowerette Quilt pattern both include square baby size options that would easily translate into a circular versions. Tag me in your finished projects (@wellspringdesigns_co) so I can see the finished sleep sack, and use the hashtag #quiltedsleepsack so others can see your versions as well. As always, if you have questions or comments, feel free to email me at, I love chatting quilting with you guys! And just for fun, this was my view while putting together this project:)

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