Introducing: The Adobe Quilt

Parents aren’t supposed to admit to having favorite children but…Adobe is my favorite pattern child. It began as an improv design loosely based on New Mexican architecture and slowly grew into a tried and true quilt pattern. The contours are reminiscent of the rounded entryways and stacked adobe bricks often seen in classic Southwestern building designs. Those shapes, combined with the colors of the desert—the red dirt, muted greenery, and huge blue skies—remind me of home.
Introducing: The Adobe Quilt

One of the best things about this quilt is that the design can be appreciated by quilters and non-quilters alike. The quilter in your life will think, “Wow, I’ve never seen a quilt like that before! How did you make it?”. The non-quilter will think, “Wow, I’ve never seen a quilt like that before, I could actually see having it in my house!” Isn’t that the gap we are constantly trying to bridge? The world between quilters— who have an innate appreciation for the art because they understand the resources, talent, and time that goes in to every quilt—and the non-quilters, who can’t help but interpret the value of a quilt through the lens of their modern aesthetic.

It’s a hard line to walk. Any quilter knows the antique, hand pieced, traditionally blocked quilts will stop us in our tracks in admiration, but they often go overlooked in our contemporary world.

The Adobe Quilt pattern breaks down into 6 blocks that expand with each size option. The design remains consistent through the the Baby, Throw, and Bedsize versions.

The arched pieces are created from templates that are included in the pattern along with detailed curved piecing instructions. You may hear “curved pieces” and “templates” and be tempted to run, but give it a try!

If you love the fall-inspired version version Cottoneer has Throw sized bundles available here!

There will be a Quilt-A-Long beginning October 28th, so join me and other amazing quilters as we work our way through this pattern. There will be blog posts, weekly emails, and of course PRIZES! Fill out this form to join the QAL.

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