Introducing the Radiowaves Quilt

I’m so excited to share my newest pattern with you! Radiowaves was inspired by a road trip through Eastern New Mexico. If you have ever driven through that area, you know that it takes a special pair of rose-colored sunglasses to see the beauty in the barrenness of the desert. The landscape is long and flat, the ground is dry, and what little grows there is hard to call beautiful. But you won’t find a bigger sky and come sunset - it’ll take your breath away.


Introducing the Radiowaves Quilt

The Radiowaves pattern hopes to capture a moment from one of our many evening drives, watching the heat of the desert day fade into a softer lights and colors. We had music playing (it was probably a Disney soundtrack), but I like to imagine it was some folksy melody that matched the beauty of the moment.

We recently moved away from those desert plains to the hills of Wyoming, which makes that pattern release feel a little nostalgic. The days we spent driving across West Texas and New Mexico were good days, and I’m glad to have this design to remind me of them. So that’s the story! And this is the quilt.

Now a little more about the pattern itself.

Does it looks like a pattern you could only tackle after years of quilting experience? Well that’s the fun of it! Nothing about this pattern is above Confident Beginner skill level. No appliqué, no paper piecing, just using the templates provided to cut your shapes and then sewing basic curves. Radiowaves comes in 3 different sizes - Baby, Throw, and Bedsize. The design is broken down into 5 large blocks that assemble into the final product, and construction is the same for all 3 sizes.

Do you love the original version? It’s a baby size (40” x 45”) made with a combo of Kona Cotton and Art Gallery Solids.

There are kits available through two amazing fabric providers:

If you are on the hunt for some beautiful backing fabrics, I am obsessed with each of these, and they are linked from right to left.

Now for a couple “Radiowaves in real life” looks. I have a new nephew on the way, so I made two masculine versions for my sister to choose her favorite. It was a good plan, but as you can see both combos are amazing so now we’re in a bit of a pickle. Comment below which one you think she should choose for the nursery!

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