Rhythms QAL Preview: Selecting fabrics

Isn’t this the most intimidating part of the quilting process? You’ve chosen a beautiful quilt pattern, you have the recipient in mind, but now it’s time to select fabrics and the options are ENDLESS. With an infinite combination of prints, solids, textures, etc., it’s overwhelming! The key to selecting appropriate fabrics for the Rhythms Quilt to balance contrast, print scale, and hue. What does this mean? Well, let’s get into it!
Rhythms QAL Preview: Selecting fabrics

Fabric Selection Tips:

  1. The Rhythms Quilt lends itself well to solids, so when selecting them, there are a few things to keep in mind.

2. If you want to experiment with adding prints to the Rhythms Quilt, here are a few guidelines to set you on the path to success.

  • Choose a low volume blender print for Fabric A or B — the background fabrics. If you have a large, loud print you love, use it for Fabric C or D. The large prints provide visual impact, the low volume prints allow for blending between the other fabrics. The beauty of this pattern comes from the blending and contrasting of the colors. A & B should contrast on a continuum to create the look of depth in the design; C & D should pop against the subtle background. The goal of a contrasting fabric is to create distinction. Avoid choosing all “statement” prints, and choose one, maybe two, prominent prints and then opt for blenders or solids in the remaining fabrics. Below are two examples of prints incorporated into the design.
  • These distinctions aren’t hard and fast rules, and some fabric can fit in multiple categories depending on the surrounding prints. There is room for creative license! These are guidelines, but it’s your quilt — be bold and go for it!

There are so many options! Be creative, but keep these guidelines in mind when selecting your fabrics. It will guarantee a much more pleasant experience with the pattern!

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