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Miss Direction Quilt - Paper Pattern

Miss Direction Quilt - Paper Pattern

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The Miss Direction Quilt pattern was inspired by the exciting possibilities offered by a new year. Personal growth is a universal goal of most creatives, and this quilt is designed to illustrate a vision of growth trajectory. Will this year’s evolution be directed outwardly, inwardly, or toward consistency? Each of the 3 quilt versions are composed of the same base block rotated differently to create contrasting designs, so choose the one that resonates with your New Year’s vision. Is it Inbound, with a goal of internal growth? Is it Outbound, with the ambition of external accomplishments? Or is it Homebound— focusing intention on maintaining previous achievements and developing personal contentment? There’s no wrong answer, and I can’t wait to see which design resonates with you!

This design comes in 3 size options for each version:

Baby: 48” x 48”

Throw: 72” x 72”

Queen: 96” x 96” & 96” x 108”

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